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PET TAXI / TRANSPORT SERVICES for Pittsburgh Pet Concierge Pet Boarding

Yes, that's right!  We'll pick your pet up and drop them off!

Pittsburgh Pet Concierge offers a full service Pet Taxi (Transportation) service. Our transportation is First Class, safe, insured, and dependable.

During peak times pet taxi may not be available.

Our Pet Taxi Service is convenient for the following circumstances:

  • Pick up for our Daycare if the pet owner is unable to drop their pet(s) off due to early work schedules, etc. In addition, also taking the pet home after a day of daycare. We can access your home, retrieve your pet, and secure your home upon departure. You'll be notified by text and email when your pet is picked up.


  • Pick up or Take home for boarding. Pet owners are often busy getting ready for their trips. We can pick your pet up prior to or even after your departure. We can also have your pet home waiting for your when you arrive back home. Client would need provide us with entry and security information for entry into their home. You'll be notified by text and email when your pet is picked up and dropped off.


  • Pick up and take home dogs for Grooming Appointments here at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge.


  • Transportation to Vet appointments, to and from pet hospitals, airport, and for any reason your pet needs transportation.

Per Trip:
$20.00 Booking Fee (1-5 miles only)
$25.00 Booking Fee (Over 5 miles: Includes the first 10 miles)
Each additional Mile is $1.00
Wait Time: 10 Minutes wait time included.
Additional wait time: $5.00 per 15 minutes.
Daycare Package Price:
If your pet attends daycare 3 or more times per week, and utilizes the taxi service 3 or more times per week. Price per taxi is a flat $18. In order to be eligible for taxi package pricing: Client's home must be within 10 miles of PPC per For this package; A week refers to Monday through Sunday in a consecutive order.
Add On Fees:
Emergency Fee: $10
(Pet Taxi is called upon for same day service and not scheduled for a vet or hospital visit.)
Same Day Fee: $5
(Pet Taxi is not scheduled with PPC within 24 hours of desired arrival time.)
Clean Up Fee: $15
(This fee is only charged in situations where the pet has excess shedding or has any type of accident in the pet taxi.)
Includes the following:
-Transportation in our Pet Taxi: A large SUV/ Nissan Armada.

  • Fully air conditioned and fully heated.

  • Ample room for your pet's comfort.

  • Safe and secure transportation.

  • Water provided if needed.

    - Ramp provided if needed.

Mileage is determined as follows:
Mileage begins from leaving PPC to final destination.
If returning to PPC: Mileage begins from leaving PPC and ends upon the return to PPC. Mileage is determined by If a PPC employee is picking up your pet on their way to PPC from their home: Mileage is based on distance from PPC to your home.
Wait Time is defined as time waiting to continue the taxi service.
Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Waiting for a client while at the vets.

  • Waiting for wedding pictures to be taken.

Waiting on a client that does not have their pet available for pick up at the set pick up time.

Please Note the following:
- Taxi's are scheduled during time periods.  For example: Between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.
We cannot always guarantee an exact time of pick up or drop off, but we can communicate
with you as to exact arrival time.
- We do have the right to refuse transportation to animals that are unfit for safe transportation.
- Taxi's can be delayed or cancelled due to weather. 
-  If a taxi trip requires a different destination or route, applicable fees apply.

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