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Information and Pricing on our Top-Rated Dog Boarding Services including Specialized Dog Boarding Services for Customized Needs at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge

On Behalf of our Signature, Medical, and Behavioral Dog Boarding team at Pittsburgh Pet Conciergewe hope you find the following photos & detailed information (which outline our wide array of award-winning Pet Care Services) helpful!
If you have any questions or need assistance with placing a boarding vacation for your dog, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at (412) 856-8505.

Thank You!


A dog enjoying the Pet Boarding Resort Swimming Pool at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge
Interior photos of Dog Boarding Services at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge
Pittsburgh Pet Concierge Store front exterior photo
Dogs playing while attending Dog Daycare at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge
Pittsburgh Pet Concierge Fear Free Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding   Customized   For Ultimate  Comfort & Enjoyment...
For over 15 years, Pittsburgh Pet Concierge has offered our boutique full-service residential pet boarding resort to the Steel City -- a place where your family is our family, and our home is their home. We offer pet parents a worry-free, safe haven for their cherished family members -- and we always will. Our entire team is committed to maintaining our highly rated reputation, and we're sincerely grateful for the many awards and acknowledgments we've received from pet parents, professionals, and, most importantly, our guests in the Pittsburgh community and surrounding neighborhoods.
Our Boarding Resort Offers Pet guests constant supervision all day AND all night! Our guests are NEVER left alone or unsupervised and since we're a residential resort your family will always feel at home. We get to know each individual guest and cater to their needs based on who they are.

Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is a premium pet boarding service and option when compared to other traditional boarding kennels in our area.
A Pittsburgh proud and Pittsburgh-owned small business conveniently located in a 3500 sq. foot residential home just minutes from the i376 Parkway and Pennsylvania Turnpike in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh Pet Concierge specializes in award-winning boutique-style dog boarding (for dogs that get along great or for dogs that require a more specialized/customized experience due to personality or health issues) we also offer dog daycare 7 days a week!  All in a luxurious, safe, fun, and stress-free at-home dog boarding environment.


Pet resort amenities & daily routine for dog boarding guests include:
Thoughtfully selected dog groups (of up to three dogs)
--All Dog guests vacationing with us enjoy climate-controlled in areas similar to a furnished family room with couches, cable TV, dog beds, windows, and safe, fully supervised dog play areas both indoors and outdoors.
All outdoor areas are fully fenced and reinforced (with concrete under lay) and offer turf and natural grass areas. Full supervision is provided at all times (24/7) by a loving and fully trained resort counselor.
--Our dedicated activity team provides fun and interactive games/activities from sunup to sundown daily along with adequate down time (based on our guest's individual needs). 
--Each day at bedtime dog boarding guests will remain in their group (one on one boarding - see below) and head to bed with their overnight counselor. All dog guests sleep in a fully furnished human bedroom assigned just for that specific group.
At bedtime, if a dog is boarding one on one, they have their own private bedroom to sleep in with their counselor with no other dogs. 

Dogs always have the option to sleep in a king- or queen-sized bed alongside their overnight counselor (or they may choose from a provided orthopedic dog bed next to the bed). Overnight dog boarding bedrooms are climate controlled, furnished with TV, carpet, human sized bed, and a window to see outside.  We also offer boarding enrichments such as treat packages, walks, and services from our dog grooming spa (see below).

Pittsburgh Pet Concierge prioritizes the safety and well-being of all our guests and staff. While we offer human only boarding for dogs that can't be around other dogs, we can't proceed past that point. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we do not accept dogs exhibiting aggression towards humans.  For the safety of our team and other guests, any dog displaying aggressive behavior towards staff will be asked to leave and will not be able to enter the resort. 
Dog boarding Services and pricing offered at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge:
Signature dog boarding rate $72.00 per day
 Dog's that are boarding under this reservation type must meet the following requirements:
A dog must be under10 years of age and over 18 months of age verified by medical records.
Can get along with other dogs that match their personality.
No resource guarding.
Dogs must be friendly towards new people and must do well in a small group of other dogs.
No major medical or physical conditions.
No bite history *dogs with a bite history or dogs that exhibit any aggression at any time will not be allowed around other guests and their stay will be converted to our 1 on 1 boarding type.
Puppy boarding $89.00 per day.

 For dogs that are under 18 months of age is $89.

Everything included in our signature dog boarding is included in this reservation type. However, extra staff supervise these groups in puppy themed areas with activities geared towards them (to match their developement) along with appropriate downtime. If a puppy isnt spayed or neutered, they will be included in all daytime groups and activities *however, for bedtime safety, they will receive their own private bedroom and board overnight one on one with an assigned counselor for no extra charge.

Puppy Boarding requires a daily 30-minute nature trail walk added on to the stay for $15.00 extra. This walk will be broken up into 2 or 3 walks per day, provides essential training, bonding, and needed one on one time with a counselor during their stay.
*If your puppy isn't accustomed to going for a walk:
Yes, it is still required...but rest assured they will be used to going for walks by the time they come home, and we encourage pet parents to continue offering them a daily walk after their stay ends.


Alternate Dog Boarding Reservation Rates for Specialized Needs:'

If your dog doesn't meet the signature boarding criteria above, has a major medical condition, *or is a puppy or dog that can't be around other assured, we have customized boarding options just for your family...

Specialized Boarding Options:

One-on-One Emotional Support Dog Boarding - $89 Per Day:

 This reservation type is Ideal for dogs over the age of 18 months who are not spayed or neutered OR suffering from separation anxiety worsened by constant interaction with other dogs, or for those who simply prefer human company over canine companionship. For sociable dogs who thrive on interaction with other canines but may find constant engagement overwhelming, this reservation type offers the perfect balance. It allows them limited time for socializing in small groups, with their dedicated counselor providing constant supervision and one-on-one attention. During the day, they enjoy supervised playtime and activities, while at night, they sleep peacefully in a private bedroom accompanied by their dedicated counselor. *A 30-minute daily walk is required to be added on to this reservation type for $15* This reservation type is also Required for any dog over the age of 18 months that isn't neutered or spayed.


*Human ONLY Dog Boarding* $89 per day-Individualized Boarding for Dogs Preferring Human Staff Only or Household Companions only: - $89 Per Day Perfect for dogs that require human companionship only -- Includes tons of personalized attention with 24/7 companionship, private indoor and outdoor areas, and a personal bedroom with an assigned overnight counselor. Perfect for dogs that require no exposure or interaction with other dogs but do great with people.  This boarding option is great for dogs that don't get along well with other dogs because it still offers them a fun vacation that doesn't feel like jail. *A 30-minute daily walk is required to be added on to this reservation type for $15 


Top-Notch Medical Boarding:

Geriatric Senior & Medical Dog Boarding (Monitored by our on-site Vet Tech)

Starting at $75.00 - $149.00 Per Day


*Medical boarding is for dogs & cats that have conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, renal, or heart issues that require reliable medication administration and medical monitoring from our vet tech in a non-stressful at home atmosphere with tons of loving attention, including 3 daily wellness exams. We encourage you to reach out to discuss any specific health conditions, ensuring we're the perfect fit for your beloved companion. Pricing varies based on the condition and actual needs of the dog and you will be informed of the cost before your stay begins.



Senior Geriatric Dog Boarding Program: $75 Per Day

For all canine guests aged 10 and above, our commitment to their well-being is unwavering.

Dogs benefit from two daily physical wellness exams conducted by our vet tech, ensuring their health remains optimal throughout their stay. Senior dogs enjoy their days in specially designed, carpeted senior-friendly areas equipped with ramps (indoors and outdoors) along with a cozy bedroom and 24/7 supervision tailored to their needs. Socialization opportunities are available (if desired) in a small group with other senior dogs. Or if necessary: One-on-one senior dog boarding can be requested in advance *for no additional charge*

 Our senior-friendly activities cater to their individual activity levels, promising a vacation filled with relaxation and indulgence. With 24/7 care and constant supervision, their safety and comfort are paramount.

Moreover, all senior boarding guests, irrespective of their health status, receive two daily physical wellness exams from our vet-tech. 
Optional enrichment add-ons available for any dog boarding with us regardless of reservation type:
Food And Drink Extras:
Over 30 gourmet treat packages available (fresh marrow, fish, cow, chicken, turkey chews, ice cream and more!) see under additional services for a complete list of treats when you make your reservation! Organic Goats Milk and Taylor Mountain Spring Water Upgrade available under additional services.

Cooking charge: $10 per day/per dog: If your dog enjoys a fresh-cooked meal (outside of what we offer), we will do this (you include the food and recipe)
We can also bake, broil, or boil any special meals!
*There is not an extra charge to "warm up" or microwave a prepared meal sent from home.
Daily walks on our fun & interactive nature trail:
30 Minute One on One nature trail walk - $15 (can be split up into two daily walks upon request)
60 Minute One on One nature trail walk - $ 20 (can be split up into two daily walks upon request)
Dog walking package includes a 30-minute walk (four times per day) - $27 (best value for high energy).
When on walks: We use our own professional brand of walking harnesses, leashes, and each dog also has a GPS locator attached to their harness with live tracking for extra safety (during walks). 
Dogs always remain leashed for the duration of the entire walk.
Dog Spa Grooming services 
Luxury dog spa bathing services including but are not limited to:
Blueberry facials
Relaxing 30- & 60-minute hydro massages
De-shed services
Deep Conditioning Emu Oil Treatments
Glam up (bath with a brush and blowout)
Paw soak detoxification
Nail Dremel pawdicure
Hypo Allergenic Grooming Services Also Available
Sorry, We don't provide scissor or buzzer cuts at all - just bathing.
*a glam up will automatically be added to reservations with stays lasting over 10 days

You will have the option to add on any of these enrichments (treat packages/walks/etc) when you make your reservation under "additional services"

Please send us an e-mail or text message after you place your reservation if you forget to add on any extras or to schedule dog spa services 
Grooming services are available *for current boarding guests only.
We do not offer grooming services if your dog is not currently boarding with us.



Additional Services and Fees:

  • Medication Administration: $10.00 per day per dog

  • Insulin Administration: $10.00 per day per dog

  • Food Provided by Us: $5.00 per day per dog (Owners to provide their dog's food)

  • Food Pick-Up/Order Service: $15.00 service charge plus cost of food

  • SubQ Fluid Administration: $20.00 per day per dog

  • Same Day/Last Minute Emergency Reservations: Higher rates may apply based on availability

  • Holiday Pricing/Peak Times: $6 per day per pet increase five days prior to or following holidays

Cancellation/Deposit Policy:
A deposit equivalent to 50 percent of the reservation's estimated cost must be made within 2 days of booking and is non-refundable under any circumstance. Canceling, altering, or not showing up for a reservation forfeits the deposit. COVID or COVID-related cancellations are treated as regular cancellations. This policy ensures a home-like environment with limited occupancy and avoids overbooking.

On behalf of our entire resort team, we look forward to providing a vacation to remember for your family! 

If you have any questions or need assistance with placing a reservation...Please Contact Our Reservations Team at 412.856.8505 if prompted, please leave a message.


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