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About our award-winning Cat Boarding Service at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge

 Luxury Cat Boarding in Monroeville PA
and the Pittsburgh Area



              Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is the perfect luxury getaway for your favorite feline friend. We're pleased
                  to offer luxury Cat Boarding in Monroeville PA and throughout the Pittsburgh area. Treat your
                        furry friend to a luxurious getaway, with options for every age,size,breed, and personality.


Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is also a luxury retreat for the feline elite and always with 24/7 Care & Supervision. Treat your cat to a stay in their very own private deluxe cat bedroom, fully furnished for Cat Royalty and comfortably separate from our canine boarding.

Photo of Private Cat Boarding Bedroom at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge in Monroeville PA & Pittsburgh Vicinity

Deluxe Cat Suites at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge

We Offer the BEST & Most Enjoyable Cat Boarding Experience in Pittsburgh!
What is a Human Cat Boarding Bedroom?  Quite simply it's a human bedroom designed for your cat's boarding stay.  Cats are most comfortable in home like environments, and this is as close to home as you're going to get!
All of our Cat Boarding Bedrooms are designed identically...

Why Should Luxury Cat Boarding Be Exclusive To Dogs? Landing Page for Pittsburgh Pet Concierge Cat Boarding for Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

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Feline Luxury Boarding Suites -Puurfect Accommodations

At Pittsburgh Pet Concierge, we offer exclusive, luxury cat boarding accommodations designed to ensure your feline friend enjoys a peaceful and personalized stay. Each private apartment is dedicated solely to your cat, guaranteeing no interaction with other pets. Our suites are soundproofed and strategically located away from canine areas, providing a serene environment.

Private Luxury Cat Boarding Apartments Include:

  • Spacious human-sized guest room with soundproofing.

  • Full-size bed, television or radio.

  • Climate and humidity control (air conditioned / heated).

  • Fully carpeted with a cat tree.

  • Litter box provided and cleaned every 4 hours (client provides cat litter).

  • Scratching post, fresh linens, food & water bowls, and toys provided.

  • Fed as directed with the food you provide, and fresh water is always available.

  • Safety ensured away from dogs and other cats.

  • Regular human interaction with check-ins and play sessions throughout the day.

  • Window with outdoor view for premium nature watching.

Additional Features:

  • 30-minute visits with your cat every hour from 5 AM to 11 PM by a dedicated cat boarding counselor.

  • Option for counselor to stay overnight with your cat at no extra charge, upon request or for medical conditions.

  • Limited availability of bedrooms, please make reservations promptly.

Vet Tech On-Site:
Available for medical boarding needs and administration of medications, including special treatments like insulin and injectables for renal conditions.

Luxury Cat Boarding Pricing at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge:


Deluxe Cat Boarding Accommodations:
$65.00 Per Day Per Cat

Geriatric & Medical Cat Boarding Rate:
Starting at $75.00 - $149.00 Per Day Per Cat

(Please mention specific health conditions when you sign up and we will review your information and call you to discuss pricing)

Same Day - Last Minute Emergency Reservations:
We reserve one bedroom for Emergency or Last-Minute Stays.

Please call for reservations with less than 72 hours' notice to check availability.


Peak Holiday Pricing:
An additional $6.00 per day per pet applies to reservations five days before, during, or five days after major holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.


Additional Boarding Fees If Applicable:

Medication Administration:
$10.00 per day per cat
Any Supplements or Medications such as Oral, Transdermal, and Injectable Medications like insulin for diabetic cats.

Special Medical Boarding Needs:
$20.00 per administration for Sub Cutaneous IV fluids for renal disease (Client provides fluid, needle, and IV set).


Cancellation Policy/Deposit Policy:
A deposit equivalent to 50% of the reservation's estimated cost is due within 2 days of booking, applied to the reservation and collected through our online system. Deposits are non-refundable due to limited availability.

For inquiries, call 412-856-8505. Meow!


All feline guests are required to have current vaccinations for rabies and FVRCP. Give us a call today to book your cat’s stay!

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Optional Cat Boarding Pamper Plus Plan 
$17.00 extra per day which includes the following upgrades:

Taylor Mountain Spring Water Upgrade with Drinking Fountain

Cat Grass Plant (Changed Daily)

Churu Treats (4 per day)

Daily Tuna, Whitefish, or Salmon Treat (based on preference)

Cat Nip Toy

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