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       Award-Winning Dog Daycare Program at
Pittsburgh Pet Concierge

Dog Daycare (Done Right!)
Pittsburgh Pet Concierge offers a Private School Dog Daycare program 7 days a week in an at home environment! 
       Puppys, Adult Dogs, Senior Dogs are welcome!
 Dog Daycare Pricing, Scheduling, and Requirement Information is located below:


Dog Daycare Program Information for Pittsburgh Pet Concierge
The Dog Daycare Academy at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is available 7 days a week!
We offer an award-winning dog daycare program for your family that includes flexible drop off & pick up hours especially for pet parents who have long, early, or late schedules

Pet Parent Daycare Drop Off and Pickup Times Are As Follows:
Pet Parent Drop Off Hours for Dog Daycare:
5:30AM to 10:30AM - 7 Days A Week!

Pet Parent Pick Up Hours for Dog Daycare:
5:30PM to 10:30PM - 7 Days A Week!

Pricing for Dog Daycare:
- Per day: $47 per dog on weekdays and $49 on Saturday and Sunday (weekend daycare).
- Daycare rates for dogs not neutered or spayed (over 7 months of age or that don’t do well and need human only daycare): $49 per day -7 days per week.

Why Choose Dog Daycare at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge?

Our Private School Dog Daycare program at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is one of a kind, tailored to your dog's needs. Whether they desire a fast-paced day or a more relaxed day, we adjust our schedule to match your dog's personality. Why leave your dog at home bored and alone when you can leave them with us for a fun-filled day? Puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs are welcome.
Medication administration is available if needed and if you provide meals, we will gladly feed your family!

Dog daycare at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is a very fun, safe, and structured program that is small and well-controlled, without the chaos or riffraff commonly seen at other overcrowded and poorly supervised daycare facilities. We offer ample playtime indoors and outdoors with games and activities all day long. In combination with appropriate downtime, our daycare is a great option for dogs looking for fun or a place to feel at home with human companionship.

Our dog daycare program is private. Dog daycare at Pittsburgh Pet Concierge is available by acceptance/enrollment only. Your dog or puppy must be accepted into our daycare program.

Dogs that are accepted into doggy daycare are required to attend at least 2 weekdays per week (Monday to Friday), or 8 days per month not including weekends.

Daycare is also available on weekends. Weekend daycare attendance does not count towards weekday attendance or your 8 day a month attendance requirement. Please utilize our dog boarding option if your daycare needs will not meet our minimum enrollment daycare attendance requirements.

Enrollment/attendance requirement for Dog Daycare:
To be eligible to enroll in our daycare program, dogs must attend our daycare 8 days per month which equals out to two days a week. Weekend days do not count for the 8 day attendance requirement and must be Monday to Friday only. All daycare reservations must be scheduled with a drop-off and pick-up time at the time the reservation is made.

How to start the enrollment process:
The first step to enrolling your family in our daycare program is to visit our pet parent portal and sign up/register FIRST.
The link for registration is as follows:

*Once you complete the registration, please call the resort directly and leave a message for our daycare onboarding team indicating you have signed up and wish to enroll for dog daycare.

We will review the information you provided including along with verifying vaccine status with your veterinarian and additionally verify the following vaccines were given and are current: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella. Fecal sample testing is also required for all dog's (every six months).

Once the steps above are completed we will reach out to you via phone to discuss one of the following two scenarios:

We will call you to let you know when our next anticipated opening will be for a new enrollee to start daycare based on a waiting list. We will then reach out to you in the future (closer to your spot becoming available) to schedule a one-hour trial drop off. The purpose of this trial is to ensure we are a good fit. *Sometimes, we may schedule a trial drop off right away to make sure we are a good fit ahead of time (so your time is not wasted). 


If we have an immediate opening when you sign up:  we will verify your dog's vaccines and stool testing and then call you to let you know that we have an opening and we will schedule a one-hour trial drop off in the near future (so we can ensure we are a good fit). Once this is completed you will be able to schedule your dog for their first day of daycare!

Now that I completed the enrollment, where & how do I reserve daycare each week?

Once accepted: We ask all pet parents log in to their account and submit their daycare reservations for the week ahead by Sunday evening at the latest. You may also submit your daycare reservations for the month ahead. You can always log in at a later time and submit additional days as needed.

Placing daycare reservations are a breeze!...
1. Simply Re-Visit the Pet Parent Portal and Log-in (Same link as when you signed up.)
Please Save the link:

Once you are logged in, Tap New Reservation

2. Select: Express Daycare for Weekday Daycare
Select: Daycare Weekend Edition for Daycare on Saturday or Sunday

          3. Plug in your dates and select from the available drop off and pick up times

4. Tap Submit & You're are all set!
(PS: You Can Submit Multiple Dates At The Same Time!)

What If Something Has Come Up And I Need Daycare BUT I did not reserve the date?
For Example: If a last minute or same day need arises (on the morning of for example) *and you didn’t make a reservation:
The System won't allow you to submit a same day reservation BUT you are still welcome to drop off your pet for daycare without a reservation (just like any other day)
BUT drop off and pick up must always occur during the designated times.

Just shoot us a text to let us know your estimated pickup time, and we'll take care of the rest!

If you ever face a delay and know that you won’t make it at the pick-up time you specified when you placed your reservation:
No Worries! Just send us a text message as soon as you know you will be delayed along with an updated pickup time.

Other dog daycare info:
Dog daycare is defined as taking care of your dog during the morning, daytime, and evening but not overnight (your dog going home at the end of the day). The last day of boarding is not considered or priced as daycare.
We will feed your dog during daycare if food is provided by the client. Clients must provide instructions/directions on feedings at the time of drop-off. Medication administration is an additional charge of $10.00 per day. Insulin administration is an additional charge of $10.00 per day. Daycare pricing includes PPC feeding breakfast and lunch to your dog if fully provided by the owner. Dinner feeding or any feeding not taking place at or after 12:00 PM is an additional $5 per day. Dinner must be fully provided by the owner, pre-portioned, and pre-bagged. All snacks or treats must be provided by the owner. A "snack" is considered lunch for daycare purposes and pricing.

Please reach out with any questions by texting, calling, or emailing us directly and we will be happy to help!

On Behalf of our entire Daycare Team: we look forward to welcoming your family to our family!

Thank You!

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