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Mandatory pet health requirements in order to enter our pet resort: (DOG & CAT)

As of 5/1/2022 the following pet health requirements must be met in order to have any boarding reservation honored by Pittsburgh Pet Concierge:

For dogs (these are all separate vaccines):

1. Rabies

2. Distemper Combo

3. Canine Influenza (if your dog has received the initial canine influenza vaccine and is in between the booster shot we will accept that If we can verify a future appointment has been made with your vet for the booster dose. 4. Bordetella (every 6 months is strongly suggested but once a year is accepted)

5. You must collect a stool sample from your dog and drop it off at the vet *every six months When you drop off your sample please inform them “I want this sample sent out to the lab to receive the Parasite/OVA test” and to fax the results to 412.856.8505 or email the results to

*if it has been longer than 6 months you must re submit your sample* *you must drop off a sample at your vet at least 4 BUSINESS days before a reservation starts weekend days do not and will not count.

For Cats we require the following vaccines:

1. FVRCP combo vaccine

2. Rabies

We take the health of our guests serious. We thank you for your cooperation in ensuring only the best.

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