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Our Daycare program is one of a kind.  Tailored to your dog's needs.  Whether they desire a fast paced day, or a more relaxed day: We adjust our day to your dog's personality. 



HOURS OF DROP OFF:   5:00AM till 10:30 AM 

HOURS OF PICK UP:  5:30PM till 10:30PM

**To be eligible to enroll in our Daycare program: dogs must attend our daycare at least one day a week  and attendance must be on a consistent weekly basis.   


*All Daycare reservations must be scheduled with a drop off and pick up time at the time the reservation is made.

*We offer Express Drop Off and Pick Up for Daycare dogs.  This will be explained in further detail prior to your first reservation date.

*Daycare is defined as taking care of your dog during our daily hours (your dog goes home at the end of the day).  The last day of Boarding is not considered or priced as Daycare in any circumstance.


Per Day:  $35 per dog


Per Day:  $45 per dog


Daycare is not available on Holidays or Weekends.

We will feed your dog during daycare if food is provided by the client. (SEE BELOW) Client must provide instructions/directions on feedings at the time of drop off. 

Medication administration is an additional charge of $10.00 per day.

Insulin administration is an additional charge of $10.00 per day.

Daycare pricing includes PPC feeding lunch to your dog if fully provided by owner.

Dinner feeding or any feeding not taking place at 12:00pm is an additional $10 per day.

Dinner must be provided fully by owner.

All snacks or treats must be provided by owner.

A "snack" is considered lunch for daycare purposes and pricing. 

As of 5/1/2022 the following pet health requirements must be met in order to have any boarding reservation honored by Pittsburgh Pet Concierge:

For dogs (these are all separate vaccines):

1. Rabies

2. Distemper Combo

3. Canine Influenza (if your dog has received the initial canine influenza vaccine and is in between the booster shot we will accept that If we can verify a future appointment has been made with your vet for the booster dose. 4. Bordetella (every 6 months is strongly suggested but once a year is accepted)

5. You must collect a stool sample from your dog and drop it off at the vet *every six months When you drop off your sample please inform them “I want this sample sent out to the lab to receive the Parasite/OVA test” and to fax the results to 412.856.8505 or email the results to

*if it has been longer than 6 months you must re submit your sample* *you must drop off a sample at your vet at least 4 BUSINESS days before a reservation starts weekend days do not and will not count.

For Cats we require the following vaccines:

1. FVRCP combo vaccine

2. Rabies

We take the health of our guests serious. We thank you for your cooperation in ensuring only the best.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Pittsburgh Pet Concierge would like to thank our clients and dedicated staff for supporting the success of our small business for nearly ten years. Our passion has evolved into one of the most popular choices for your family to spend their own vacation. Animals teach us something new every day and we appreciate each and every pet that has entered our doors. We take honor and pride in being entrusted to care for your family members day and night. Our Pet Resort was designed with various experts in the field and many consider it to be the best pet service facility in Pittsburgh - where pets can comfortably be boarded by the day or night -- where they can get groomed, exercise, socialize and enjoy themselves in spacious secure areas that feel like home - including those with special needs, medical conditions, and personalities. We are preferred by most as a professional, consistent, stress free, SAFE and affordable option for animals of all shapes, ages, and sizes.

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